Interior Decorative Panels
Outdoor Decorative Panels
Outdoor Decorative Panels

Fundermax® is a high quality building product, ideal for coating facades, balconies, gates, wall guards, street furniture and other outdoor uses you have in your imagination!


The Fundermax® Max Exterior panels are thermostable high pressure laminates (HPL) manufactured according to EN 438-6. Fundermax® has a smooth surface and therefore it is easy to clean, even in situations of graffiti, which are easily removed with an organic solvent, without damage the product characteristics.


With a range of over 100 colors, Fundermax® gives its product a guarantee of 10 years of color stability in Class 4-5, according to the International Greyscale.



 - Decorative

 - Easy to clean

 - Resistant to scratches

 - Resistant to solvents

 - Resistant to hail

 - Doubly hardened

 - Freestanding

 - Easy assembly

 - Flexural behavior according to EN ISO 178

 - Weather resistant according to EN ISO 4892-2

 - Impact resistant according to EN ISO 178

 - Light-resistant according to EN ISO 4892-3

 - Resistant to frost of -80 ° C to 180 ° C (DMTA-OFI 300,128)

 - Heat resistant from -80ºC to 180ºC (DMTA-OFI 300,128)


Viroc® is a composite panel, composed by wood particles and cement.

It combines the flexibility of the timber with the strength and durability of the cement, allowing a wide range of applications in facades, walls, floors and roofs.


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