Interior Decorative Panels
Outdoor Decorative Panels

HDF (High Density Fibreboard) is a panel made of high-density wood-based fibres together with resin under pressure action and high temperature.


DM Compac 1100

This product presents high density (more than 1000 kg / m3), excellent physical-mechanical properties and high impact resistance. 

It is a unique high quality product, easy to machine (cutting, drilling) and maintenance free. It also presents an excellent behaviour face the conditions of high and persistent moisture. 

It can be coated with melamine, veneer or high pressure laminate and its main applications are centred on decoration, furniture, lockers and toilet dividers.


It is the DM Compac 1100 coated with melamine. This product has a wide range of colors and finishes.



Wood fibre board, produced in wet process. It has high resistance to moisture, high flexibility, excellent dimensional stability and a soft surface. Ideal for the production of interior doors or to paint.


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