Structures and coverings
impregnated wood
impregnated wood

The autoclave is a high pressure impregnation system made to increase the durability and resistance of wood.

The dried wood is introduced in a cylinder under pressure, which is saturated with a chemical that increases its insulating ability and resistance to moisture.

There are several autoclave treatment classes, reaching the 20 year warranty.

This modified wood is applied especially on masts, posts, decking and structures.


There are several applications for impregnated wood. It can be applied to any type of wood structures such as beams, joists and wooden slats, such as flooring and decking's.


The impregnated wood plays an important role in the agricultural sector. It is mainly used in agricultural support structures such as poles and stakes, for vineyards, orchards, olive groves and gardens or agricultural structures such as roofs, gates, stables, among others.


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